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Deep sigh of relief!

Just a quick blurb... today is the greatest day of ever! The war is not yet over, but the immediate battle has been won! Nearby where I live, they wanted to put 4 perverts out for a experimental rehab. One of those perverts was convicted of sodomizing a 14 month old boy! My little sis goes to school within walking distance of this rehab house. There's so many more details of disgust that I can go into, but right now I've explained it so many times that I'm tired!

I'm still going to be there for the graveyard shift protest until the safety of all the children in the area is guaranteed. If my sister, mom, niece or myself were raped, would Inland Regional just shrug their shoulders?! Hind sight is 20-20 and in the words of my favorite song, I'm more than just a little curious how you plan on to go around and make your amends to the dead.
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