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How fun. . .

ooooh. The pressure of choice. . . especially depending on which way I'm getting a ticket out of here.

If I'm still freaky: "Here lies Kirsten, her Gothic pallor acheived at last."

If I commit suicide: "They say love is the slowest form of suicide, but I argue. It took fourteen years to finally shoot that bullet through my brain."

Any situation:"It is said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway across the world. ----Chaos Theory" --Just cause I like it.--

Quote from my poetry:
"A corpse’s flesh so white,
Eyes glazed, shall see no hate,
Decomposing wounds as black as night,
There is only beauty in decay."

Ok. Out of ideas for now. I'll write some more if the mood strikes me. Bye, my morbid friends!
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