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When I die……..

Hi, I'm Claire. I'm 21......

Before my death I’d make a memory book/box filled w/ all the stuff I love

EPITAPH: ‘like a bat out of hell I’ll be gone when the morning comes’ – Meat Loaf


I will have the Rev Paul Sinclair to take a non-religious biker funeral (http://www.motorcyclefunerals.com) , and my body’d be in the sidecar while he burned hard. Then I’d be cremated in my favourite Iron Maiden shirt/one of my hard rock shirts and jeans holding my beloved odel Ducati bike - well, I won’t feel the pain will I? I won’t be put in the church – that’s pointless as I am totally un-religious.

There’d be lots of music (GNR, Meat Loaf, Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Priest, early Motorhead, etc, that sort of thing – as in life) in particular this song: Iron Horse - Born To Lose. Love it.


1.Donations to Scope, the cerebral palsy charity, for research into curing/preventing cerebral palsy
2.Donations to Cats Protection League
3. Each day, sit by my spot wherever my ashes are and play one of my favourite songs and also leave me a beer.
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