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your_epitaph's Journal

Write your own epitaph
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A macabre little writing exercise; what will they say about you once you're gone?

Write your own obituary -- what do you think they'll say when you're gone? Will you get a full-page spread in the NY Times, a column in the "Passages" section, or the 2x2 funeral announcement?

Will you be.....Run over by a Zamboni? Killed in the line of duty? Crash your hydrogen-powered Cessna somewhere over the Atlantic in 2072 at the ripe age of 124?

And, yes, what might the inscription on your memorial say? On a sedate, tasteful granite headstone perhaps? A stone bench overseeing the meadow your friends scattered your ashes in? What tree did they plant for you? Were you packed into a capsule and fired into space? Buried at sea? Or was there nothing left of you to bury?

Above all, the point is to have a bit of fun with it..... people who post their pre-suicidal notes here will have me come to their house and laugh at them.