Phishtails' Tanque of Creamy Goodness (phishtails) wrote in your_epitaph,
Phishtails' Tanque of Creamy Goodness

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Epitaph and funeral for Phishtails ...

Mode of death: Something fast, exciting, and humorous, eg: opening my parachute and having laundry come out instead of silk; a motorcycle collision with a circus wagon; a heart attack while banging an underage prostitute in a port-o-john; something that cops would get a chuckle out of after having to go through a couple years of therapy.

Funeral: Having my nude body shot out of a cannon into an unexpected public gathering like Disney World or a Teletubbies On Ice audience. Tattooed on my face: "If found, please drop in nearest US mailbox" with enough postage stamps on my butt to cover shipping. After cremation, mix my ashes with a pound of cocaine cut with Drano and ship to George W Bush.

Epitaph: "Just kidding -- or was I?"
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